Newborn Session FAQ's


1. Session Setup: My goal as a newborn photographer is to capture all the unique angles and little details that make your baby special. I utilize poses and beautiful props that enhance your baby's natural beauty, ensuring they are the main focus in timeless photographs. All newborn sessions take place in my studio, where I set up the session with colors and props you'll love. If you have specific ideas or color preferences, I'm open to incorporating them. My studio, located in Moncton, NB, is kept warm to create a cozy atmosphere, similar to the womb, and I play white noise to soothe your newborn.


2. Experience, Training, and Immunizations: With experience dating back to 2013, I have photographed over 750+ newborns, as well as older siblings and children. I stay up-to-date with immunizations, including yearly flu & covid vaccines. I have taken photography courses at the University of Saskatchewan, along with specialized training in newborn safety, posing, and wrapping taught by renowned photographers worldwide. I am trained in studio lighting and Photoshop to produce the beautiful images showcased on my website and social media.


3. Studio Location: Located in Moncton, New Brunswick. I am very excited to welcome families & babies from Moncton and all surrounding areas of New Brunswick.


4. Assistance during Sessions: As I work without an assistant, I may request mom or dad to lend a hand during certain poses to ensure the safety of your baby. I will provide clear instructions on where to place your hands and maintain a focus on your baby's well-being. If at any point the baby appears uncomfortable or unsettled, we will move on from the pose. Your baby's safety is always my top priority, and I will never force a baby into a pose for the sake of a photo.


5. Dealing with Uncooperative Newborns: While it's possible for babies to cry, fuss, or be uncooperative during a session, there is no rush. I allow plenty of extra time to accommodate feeding, cuddling, or diaper changes to ensure the baby's comfort. Once your session is booked, I will provide you with a newborn prep guide, offering tips to help you prepare for a successful session.


6. Involvement of Parents and Siblings: I encourage parents and older siblings to participate in my heirloom & keepsake sessions. Petite sessions, due to time constraints, do not include parent and sibling images. For sessions involving older siblings, I recommend bringing separate vehicles, if possible, so that one parent can take them home after their images are captured.


7. Booking Process and Flexible Scheduling: To secure a session, all clients are required to complete a booking contract, which includes a brief questionnaire and a link to pay the retainer or the session fee in full. Flexible scheduling is offered for newborn sessions, where a tentative date is set based on the due date, and the session is coordinated once the baby arrives. It is advisable to book your newborn session as soon as possible after the first trimester.


8. Premature Birth and Session Scheduling: If your baby is born prematurely, please inform me, and once they are discharged from the hospital, we can schedule the session as usual.


9. Props for Newborn Sessions: I provide an extensive collection of high-quality props for your newborn session, including hats, headbands, wraps, and tiny outfits. I have a wide range of colors, including neutrals, and I'm open to incorporating any specific colors or family heirlooms you'd like to use.


10. Health and Safety Precautions in the Studio: As I work closely with vulnerable individuals, such as newborns, young children, and pregnant women, I prioritize health and safety. I adhere to good hygiene practices, including frequent handwashing, mask wearing, and sanitization of surfaces. Upon arrival at the studio, all visitors are required to wear masks and sanitize their hands. Additionally, all surfaces are disinfected before and after every session.


11. Illness and Rescheduling Policy: In the event that I or a family member falls ill before your session, I will contact you to reschedule. If you or anyone in your family shows symptoms of illness, please notify me to reschedule your session. Anyone exhibiting signs of illness upon arrival at the studio will be asked to leave immediately. This precaution is in place to protect other babies and families from potential exposure.


12. Post-Session Process: After the session, I carefully select the best images and delete any unworthy ones. You will then receive an online gallery of unedited images to choose from. If desired, you can purchase additional images beyond what is included in your chosen session. Typically, unedited proofing galleries are available within 1-2 days of the session, while edited versions are delivered in a few weeks. I will provide the current turnaround time for edited galleries once you make your selections.



If you have questions about the types of sessions that I offer, you can find more details here: Details - Megan Antoniuk Photography. For inquiries, please reach out to me through the contact form or email me at Located in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Prop closet & studio

My new studio, nestled in north Moncton, New Brunswick, provides a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere for your session. It's a space where you can relax, unwind, and feel at home. It's thoughtfully designed and equipped with comfortable seating, a baby change area, and a washroom for your convenience. During your session, you can indulge in a selection of drinks & snacks to enhance your experience.


When it comes to props and outfits, I take pride in curating an extensive and ever-expanding collection. You'll find a variety of beautiful bonnets, wraps, and adorable little outfits crafted from luxurious and exquisite fibers and fabrics. From vibrant colors of the rainbow to stunning neutrals, there's a wide range to suit every preference. To add to the versatility, I offer an array of buckets, bowls, loveys, and furs in different textures and colors. Additionally, I have a delightful collection of maternity gowns for expectant mothers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor sessions. To explore the available gowns, please contact me directly.

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